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Lending rules 

·       All our services are free, except:
copying and printing: kr 2,- per page
domestic fax: kr 5,- , fax abroad: kr 10,- .
·       Overdue loans are charged with a fee of kr 40,- per reminder. The fee must be paid even if you have not received the reminder. For borrowers under 15 there is no charge for the first reminder.
·       Everyone aged 13 or older and with a permanent adress in Norway can obtain a library card by showing an identity card. You can obtain the National library card at age 15.
·       Children aged 6 or in school can have a library card. Parents or guardians are responsible for all loans.
·       Children under 13 must have parents’ or guardians’ consent to borrow films.
·       Your card is personal. You are reponsible for anything borrowed on your card.
·       If you forget your card you must show an identity card to borrow.
·       Lost cards are replaced for a fee of NOK 15,-. Children get a new card for free.
·       Lost material must be compensated.
·       When books are marked «ikke til utlån» (not for loan), you can not take them out of the library. You can take free copies from these books.
Loan periods
·       Books                              4 weeks
·       Audio books                   4 weeks
·       Video games                 4 weeks
·       Films                                2 weeks
·       Magazines                       2 weeks
·       Languange courses      6 weeks
Your loans can usually be renewed if there is no waiting list for the item.
You can renew by phone, fax, e-mail or internet. 




Does it cost money to obtain a library card?
The first card is free. If you lose your card a new one costs kr 15,-.

Who can borrow?
Anyone living in Norway has a right to borrow.

Can I borrow without a library card?
You must show ID (drivers lisence, bank card, passport) if you forget your card.

How much can I borrow?
You can borrow as much as you like.

Can I borrow even if I haven't returned my last loans?

How long can I borrow?
Language courses: 6 weeks
Books, audio books and video games: 4 weeks.
Magazines: 2 weeks
Movies: 2 weeks

Do I get a message before the loans are overdue?
Only if we have your e-mail adress! If you register your e-mail adress, you will get a notice a few days before due date.
The due date is always shown on your receipt.

Can I return when you are closed?
Ås has a hatch in our building where you can return any time.
Nordby has a box where you can return during Vinterbro centre's opening hours.

Can I return in other libraries?
You can return in most Norwegian public libraries.

Can children borrow movies for adults?
No. We use age limits from the Norwegian Media Authority. All movies are marked with an age limit on the cover. Children will not be able to borrow above their age limit.

What does it mean to have a national card?
The national card can be used in all Norwegian public libraries. That way you don't have to have many library cards. Ask us for more information! 


Can I renew by phone or e-mail?
Yes, call us at 64 96 23 , send an e-mail to as.bibliotek@as.kommune.no or log in to "Meg og mitt" to renew.

How many times can I renew?
If there is no waiting list you can renew twice. If you have loans from other libraries, the owner library decides if you can renew.

Inter library loans

Can you get material from other libraries?
Yes, we can order from both public libraries and university libraries in Norway. You pick up the material here, and there is no cost.

How long does it take before the inter library loans arrive?
This depends on the owner library. As soon as they send the order it is delivered to us by car twice a week.

Can I renew inter library loans?
Yes, if the owner library allows it.


How long can I sit by the computers?
We do not have a time limit, but please vacate your PC if there are people waiting.

Does it cost money to use the computers?
No, using the computers is free. Prints cost money.

Do you have a wifi?
Yes. Ask the staff for password.


Can I print/copy? In colour?
Yes. Prices are 2,- for regular black/white print and kr 5,- for colour.

Do you confirm copies?
No. You must go to the county service unit (Servicetorget).

Can I pay by debit card?
Yes, we have payment terminals.

Web page

I can't log in to "Meg og mitt"!
Your user name is the loan number on your card.
The loan number is everything below the bar code on your card, including N000...
If you forget your PIN-code you can get a new one by e-mail.
Contact us if you are not registered with an e-mail.

The premises

What are your opening hours?
Check our opening hours here.

Are you open in the summer?
Yes, but we have reduced hours during summer.

Do you have rest rooms?
Ås: outside the entrances to each department. Nordby: inside the library.

Do you have a nursery?
There are changing tables in the disabled toilets.

Do you have a reading room?
Yes. The reading rooms are open during library opening hours.

Is it allowed to eat and drink in the library?
Generally we ask you to be careful when handling our material.

Do you have newspapers?
We have local and national newspapers.

Do you have a fax?
Yes. Domestic fax is kr 5,-, fax abroad is kr 10,-

Can I pay by debit card?
Yes, we have payment terminals.



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